Career Advice From The Pros At Job Chats

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Career Advice From The Pros At Job Chats

It’s not every day kids have the chance to learn from nurses, painters, foresters, and graphic designers all in one sitting.

On Saturday, the Job Chats event at the Prince George Public Library will give teens that opportunity to have one-on-one conversations and ask career-related questions of nearly 30 professionals.

Some familiar professionals will be there including CKPG’s Rich Abney.

Children’s Librarian at the Prince George Public Library, Heather Gloster, says it gives kids an opportunity to explore their options as they head into high school. “Maybe they don’t have a veterinarian in their circle or they’ve never heard of a radiation therapist, so it’s to give them a chance to broaden their mind and learn about different careers that are out there.”

The free event runs Saturday from 1:30-3:00 p.m. in the Keith Gordon Room.


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