Replacement for OBAC?

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Replacement for OBAC?

The wheels are being set in motion on an organization to replace the Omineca Beetle Action Coalition. OBAC was created years ago to help communities combat the negative impacts of he Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic. But the organization’s members were recently told by the Province its funding would not be renewed. Now, OBAC Director Albert Koehler hopes to have a replacement in place before the money runs out.
“It could be. It’s still in discussion, but we have to see if there is funding,” he says. “And there is funding, then we can look at the next steps.”
He says now is not the time to be dismantling an organization like OBAC. He believes the region is heading for the “perfect storm;” dealing with the fallout of the pine beetle, the pending impacts of the spruce beetle and the start of what many believe will be an ugly softwood lumber dispute.
However, there are some questions and concerns from member communities and regional districts, particularly around the funding formula.


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