New Roadwork Systems In The Works

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
New Roadwork Systems In The Works

The City is undertaking a couple of tests in a bid to improve road rehabilitation projects. One is an assessment of the assessment of the roads themselves.
“We have a consultant on board who reviewing the current pavement condition management system, which is basically rating the roads,” says Blake McIntosh, the Manager of Roads and Fleet. “We had an old system in place, it’s kind of outdated. We’re looking for a more standardized system. We’re adopting the BC Administrative Transportation  Infrastructure  system, which will give us a more regional perspective of pavement conditions.”
The arterial and collectors roads have been rated and the hope is to have half of the “local” roads assessed next year and the remainder the year after that.
The City is also testing a new paint for road marking. Rather than the traditional acrylic paint, a more durable tinted Methyl Methcrylate paint has been used on the newest portions of 15th and 5th Avenues. It’s the same paint that has been used at the Pride Crosswalk and it is more durable.


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