Winter Driving Tips From An Expert

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Winter Driving Tips From An Expert

Alan Sidorov is one of Canada’s most respected driving professionals. From racing internationally, to product testing for some of the world’s largest automotive producers, his experience is vast and varied.

He offers specifically designed training for drivers of all kinds.

Sidorov stresses the importance of a driver’s state of mind. He says attitude behind the wheel correlates with the amount of risk a driver is willing to take. According to him, driving skills should constantly be improved upon. Lot’s of experience does not necessarily make you a good driver, as poor habits can form overtime.

When caught in a skid, he says you should look in the direction you want the vehicle to go, rather than the direction you are afraid of going. Quick correction and recovery are key to keeping your vehicle from fish-tailing.

Good driving techniques start with proper seating position and hand-placement on the wheel. Sitting completely upright, with shoulders back in the seat and knees slightly bent when the brake peddle is completely down is the best driving position.

When braking, Sidorov says don’t be afraid to do so forcefully, as it is often necessary in preventing collisions. However, the most amount of pressure should be applied at the beginning of a brake, then pressure can be eased slightly towards a stop.

Sidorov adds while safety features in vehicles have improved overtime, fatal collisions are on the rise in North America. He blames distracted driving, emphasizing the importance of remaining completely focused on the road.


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