Fair Lumber Imports Coalition Fires First Volley

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Fair Lumber Imports Coalition Fires First Volley

The U.S. Lumber Coalition has fired the first volley in the softwood lumber dispute. It has formally petitioned the American government to impose duties against Canadian softwood lumber producers. The coalition alleges that provincial governments, which own most of Canada’s vast timber lands, provide trees to Canadian producers at rates far below market value, along with other subsidies.As a result, the group says Canadian lumber is being sold for less than fair value in the United States.
However the BC Lumber Trade Council disputes the allegations.
“While we are not surprised by the filing of the petitions today by the U.S. lumber lobby, as they have long advocated for limiting Canadian access to the U.S. lumber market, we are disappointed that once again we are in litigation rather than working cooperatively with the U.S. industry to grow the market for wood products in North America,” stated President Susan Yurkovich in a statement. She says the only ones to suffer with a protracted dispute are the consumers on both sides of the border as lumber prices invariably go up when litigation kicks in.
The last softwood deal expired more than a year ago.


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