Local Horse Breeder Receives Criticism

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Local Horse Breeder Receives Criticism

Across from the airport, along the Old Caribou highway, there’s a large herd of horses receiving a lot attention. Since this herd of horse began grazing in the field near the busy Old Caribou highway, Horseman Howard Jackson has been receiving weekly phone calls from people concerned about the condition of his horses. In fact some have even complained to the BC-SPCA.


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  1. The issue is feed, water and vet care.
    These horses are not receiving food, water or vet care. They are malnourished, they are sick, you can visibility see signs of starvation in the sunken hindquarters, skinny necks and spines. They are being killed by predator because they can’t defend themselves due to lack of food.
    He has been reported before and has had problems in the past
    He can’t feed them. Continues to breed them and then starts a gofundme page to raise money for food.
    Please report in an unbiased way.
    The SPCA is involved and have issued a statement saying there is an OPEN AND ONGOING INVESTIGATION.
    Anyone with half a brain can tell that means the SPCA is concerned for the welfare of these horses.
    Report the entire story in a fair light. News should not be so blatantly biased unless you are a subsidiary of FOX “NEWS”

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