Mild Weather A Problem For Mills

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Mild Weather A Problem For Mills

It’s been a record-breaking month, weather-wise, in the region. But that is bad news for harvesting and milling operations.
“Certainly the roads that we use out in the bush to bring in the logs are a mess right now,” says Frank Everitt, President of the Steelworkers, Local 1-424. “If you start hauling out with a Caterpiller to move the trucks, you’re going to damage some of them. It’s just too wet.”
In fact, Carrier Lumber has reduced by one shift and Everitt says that mill is not alone.
UNBC Meteorologist Stephen Dery says the mercury will continue to hover around the freezing mark for at least another week, not nearly the conditions needed to freeze the ground enough to bear heavy equipment.
“Ideally, you’d want no snow so there’s no insulation from the snow pack. You want temperatures between minus 5 and minus 10 for an extended period of time, probably a week or so, to really start freezing the ground,” says Dery. “And it takes time for that freezing level to go down into the ground and make it really solid.”
But Everitt says the situation could become much more problematic for forest operations in the region if those conditions are not met before Christmas.
“It certainly would be, in my mind, I think you’ll see more lay offs if that’s the case.”


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