Seniors Badly Need Hamper Donations

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Seniors Badly Need Hamper Donations

The Prince George Council of Seniors is desperate for donations for this year’s Christmas hamper drive. Since the Christmas hamper began ten years ago, the number has more than doubled and the Council is expecting over 200 applications this year. Ideally, they would like “stick to your ribs” kinds of foods.

*Canned vegetables and fruits packed in water,
*Unsweetened fruit sauces, such as apple sauce

*Oatmeal, hot cereals,
*Rice and barley,

Meats (or protein alternatives):
*Canned fish or chunked chicken,
*Canned ham or corned beef,
*Peanut butter,
*Canned or dry beans and/or lentils

Quick Meals:
*Canned stews and/or soups

Milk and Dairy:
*Evaporated mills or milk powder
*Fortified plant-based drinks (ie: soy)

*Kleenex, toilet tissues, paper towels,
*Toothpaste and/or denture cleaners

Gift certificates are always welcome.

“We have a lot of diabetics and we, surprisingly, have quite a number of renal patients this year,” says Resource Centre Manager Lola-Dawn Fennell. “So, low-salt is really important.”
The donations need to be dropped off at the Resource Centre this year, located at 721 Victoria Street between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. until December 14th.
Also, the Council is looking for volunteers to help put the hampers together for delivery.


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