Decorating Your Home Safely This Holiday Season

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Decorating Your Home Safely This Holiday Season

With less than one month to go until Christmas, putting up decorations for the holiday season is in full swing.

Many families are getting into the festive spirit, but it’s a reminder to take the right precautions. Local mother, Tanya Baraniuk hangs up Christmas decorations each year with her 13 year old son, Gage. However, Baraniuk says it can still be easy to slip and fall off a ladder when putting lights on her house. “I make sure I hold onto the ladder and that the ground is even before he goes up,” she said. “I make sure that it doesn’t rock back and forth and that he’s not leaning too far over trying to get the lights into the clips.”

It’s that time of year when homes are stuffed with holiday decorations. They may be ‘merry and bright,’ but Fire Prevention Officer, Marcel Profeit, with the Prince George Fire Department said a fire hazard is present. “We start bringing in fuel into our home with not only natural Christmas trees, but  gifts, and wrappings,” he said.

Profeit recommends setting your tree up in a safe place. “You don’t want to put a natural tree anywhere close to an ignition source, fireplace, candles, heating vents, or space heaters, those type of things, you always want to use CSA approved light – LED preferably, because they are very cool and won’t dry out the tree excessively.”

Many of today’s light are in fact LED brand which is a light that’s able to generate energy at a much lower temperature than incandescent bulbs. General Manager of Art Knapps, Lucia Van Hage says they’re a safe and cost-effective choice for buyers. “The nice thing about LED is that if one light goes out, they still last, they’re energy efficient, and they’re a lot more durable,” she said.

The holidays are usually heavy on the lights with homes decorated in bright colours all around the city. Baraniuk says she uses a timer to ensure energy efficiency on her lights and uses proper outdoor extension cords. “We had checked all the strands and made sure that there was no frays and made sure that both of the prongs were in good shape to plug into the electrical plug-in.”

It’s just a few things to think about when decorating your home this holiday season.


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