Giving Tuesday Kicks Off Charitable Season

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Giving Tuesday Kicks Off Charitable Season

Many of us take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what about Giving Tuesday? The growing nation-wide movement is kicking off the giving season.

Many non-for-profit organizations rely on the generosity of the community to continue their efforts, especially around the holiday season.

A new Christmas campaign; Give A Gift To Hospice, is now underway. “Instead of getting another basket of soaps or a basket of jams, ask your friends and family to consider giving a donation to Hospice in your name as a gift instead,” says Executive Director of the Prince George Hospice Society, Donna Flood.

Each year the Prince George Hospice Society spends about $25,000 on groceries. The organization believes in proper nourishment of not only it’s guests, but family and friends of guests as well. Flood says many people don’t realize what it costs to run the home.

“In order to do what we do, it costs us about 2.2 million a year. We are only partially supported by the Health Authority; about 42%. So we are looking at raising over a million a year and that only comes from the community of Prince George.”

AiMHi greatly appreciates donations this time of year. The Program Director, Wendy Brophy, says they are also giving back. “The community is so generous to us. We like to get people involved. At this time of the year this season we are doing some of the shoe box program. We also have people volunteering with Christmas Kettles for the Salvation Army. We also participate in making Food Hampers.”

The Prince George Humane Society is already seeing an increase in donations. “Currently we have over 80 animals in our care,” says the Founder & Executive Director, Angela McLaren. “Most of the items that we need for this time of the year would be food because we have food banks in a lot of the northern communities that we send food to, so that would be one of the primary things. Obviously cash, we never say no to cash it helps us with medical expenses. Then we are also looking for things like kennels and crates.”

This year, the Humane Society will be doing 12 Days of Giving. “We have chosen 12 different activities we want to do around town where we give back to the community,” says McLaren. “We are asking people to watch our Facebook page and they will see some of the things we are doing this Christmas season.”

It’s not just about donating though. Giving also comes in the form of volunteering your time.


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