Biobank Information Event Set For Wednesday

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Biobank Information Event Set For Wednesday

“What is a biobanking, and why do we need it in the north?” These are questions an upcoming UNBC community information event is planning to answer.

On Wednesday between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., the public is invited to the Canfor Winter Garden to learn more about the storage of biological samples for research purposes.

Dr. Nadine Caron, affiliate UNBC faculty member of the Northern Medical Program, and the lead investigator for the research project will be hosting the event.

“It’s the next step forward for our Northern Biobank Initiative (NBI), which is really exploring the opportunities and the indication to create a Northern Biobank; a research platform to ensure people living in the north have the same access and opportunities to participate in really advanced research at the basic science level.”

“To look at the spelling of what this tumour is made of in the face of cancer, or what this abnormal tissue is. The spelling of it called DNA. That’s where we really find out, beneath the layers of the onion to the core, how can we target this disease? And in this case, if the north gets involved, how can we as northerners find out how it applies to us.”

A panel with speakers in the field of biobanking, genomics and associated research will be holding an open discussion.

The Research Program Manager of the Northern Biobank Initiative Phase 2, Brooke Boswell, says “In BC we have this long-standing gap in health between north and south. Between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal. “With the Northern Biobank what we would like to do is really hear from First Nations on what kind of governance would they like to see? What kind of ethics? Procedures, things like that.”


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