Frigid Weather Prompts Extreme Weather Protocol

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Frigid Weather Prompts Extreme Weather Protocol

Dig out the long johns next week because Jack Frost is about to pay us a visit, albeit briefly.
“The Jet Stream  is looping around and is coming from the North,” explains meteorologist Peter Jackson. “So we’ll have a brief period on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and then kind of breaking down on Thursday, of the strong, northerly flow with temperatures in the mid minus-twenties during the day.”
But, while the cold snap will be brief, all three shelters in the city have geared up with their Extreme Weather Protocols, adding ten beds per shelter.
“It is enough. It is enough,” says the Connie Abe, the Executive Director for the Association Advocating for Women and Children. “And when it isn’t, we get them somewhere, we fit them in somewhere.”
She says they also have a two-person outreach team that drives around the city at night to make sure everyone safe, handing out hot beverages, as well as toques, mittens and scarves, something they could always use more of.
“We go through a lot of gloves, a lot of socks, a lot of toques. Those hot pockets, we go through a lot of those,” says Abe. “So, we could use the help.”
If you have a little extra, they can be dropped off at the shelter at 144 George St.
In the meantime, Jackson says we are shaping up for a relatively normal winter, though he’s quick to say its a tough business to predict the weather.


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