New Stricter Rules For Smoking And Vaping On The Way

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
New Stricter Rules For Smoking And Vaping On The Way

One after the other, speakers went before Council to praise the City’s plans for an enhanced smoking and vaping bylaw.
Northern Health spoke about the persistently high rates of smoking in Northern BC compared to the rest of the province, while the Canadian Cancer Society talked about how more youth in Northern BC say they have tried smoking as compared to their peers elsewhere.
The bylaw being proposed would add to the provincial bylaw, which current bans both practices inside public places and restricts it from within six metres of entrances to public places.
What the City will be introducing next Spring will be a ban on smoking and vaping in parks, playgrounds, sporting venues, on trails and within six metres of transit stops. It will also ban smoking and vaping in outdoor customer service areas, specifically patios.
Northern Health oversees enforcement of the provincial regulations, primarily the sale of tobacco products to minors. A locally-generated bylaw will have to be enforced locally. That will include verbal and written warnings and well as penalties.
The City will launch a major public education and signage campaign in the run up to the implementation of the new rules, currently set for May 1st of next year.


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  1. Ok. First off, it is not the job of government to play parent. it is the job of the parent to be a parent to these kids. As a smoker, I do agree on the dangers of smoking and vaping but all of this anti-smoking legislature is doing isn’t preventing kids from obtaining tobacco products, it’s limiting the freedom of choice for those of us that are able to procure it legally. Good or bad, healthy or not, it is our choice to waste our money and health in this way. Yes, smoking and vaping is unhealthy, I’m not disputing that, but I don’t see laws that are anywhere near as strict against fast food to keep childhood obesity down. Might as well label tobacco as a narcotic because that’s what all of this is building to.

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