Prince George RCMP Will Be Giving Out Free Hockey Cards

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Prince George RCMP Will Be Giving Out Free Hockey Cards

Prince George RCMP are encouraging youth to approach them…and ask for hockey cards.

The Prince George Cougars announced a new partnership with the RCMP today.

“The Prince George Cougars are really happy to announce that we have got a great partnership with the RCMP and a very simple, yet beautiful idea, that we think could have a big impact,” says the Prince George Cougars Business Vice-President, Andy Beesley, “and that’s to give; free of charge, our Cougar hockey cards to the RCMP members to distribute to youth.”

All officers will be carrying Cougar hockey cards this hockey season, and likely during future seasons.

The Cougars have gifted the detachment with one hundred sets to start out, but have committed as many as are needed to the RCMP.

“The Prince George Cougars are extremely popular in Prince George,” says Beesley. “We know through experience that youth really look up to the Cougar players. The players are role models, and we believe that it’s really important that they are positive role models in the community.”

The RCMP are excited for the new opportunity to connect with the communtiy.

“Quite often we come into contact with youth for traumatic events,” says the Officer in Charge of the Prince George RCMP Detachment, Superintendent Warren Brown. “We can sometimes be seen as authoritative and someone who perhaps takes mom or dad out of the house because of something that has happened. So this allows us to not only perhaps build more positive rapport, but establish a common goal; theme. Prince George…we are a hockey town. We are one of the better teams in the league this year, so it’s a really positive endeavor to have.”


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