Mounties Continue To Target Impaired Drivers

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Mounties Continue To Target Impaired Drivers

Local Mounties were once again kept busying targeting impaired drivers this past weekend.

The Prince George RCMP’s Municipal Traffic Services conducted a series of patrols Friday and Saturday night.

These are the results:

4 – Impairment by Alcohol
1 – 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP), with 30 day vehicle impoundment
2 – 3 day IRP
1 – 24 hour Suspension for Alcohol
5 – 24 hour Suspension for Drugs
22 – Speeding violations
2 – Intersection-related violations
3 – Distracted Driving violations (cell phones)
2 – No Seatbelt violations
2 – Driving without a Licence
3 – No Insurance violations
1 – Drive without Consideration
1 – Drive without Due Care and Attention
1 – Stunting violation (with impoundment)
21 – Administrative violations
1 – Vehicle Equipment Infraction
4 – Vehicle inspection orders for non-compliance
3 – Drug Seizures (no charges)

Officers say they use a variety of tools to detect impaired or distracted drivers including Approved Screening Devices, Physical Coordination Testing, and a Drug Recognition Expert.  Mounties will continue to be out in full force throughout the holiday season. You’re advised to plan for a safe ride home, use a designated driver, transit, taxi, or Operation Red Nose.


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