Holiday Sales “Great” For One Local Business

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Holiday Sales "Great" For One Local Business

The Northern Lights Estate Winery is seeing an increase in sales for the holiday season. It has already sold out of its holiday wine.

“Cranberry,” says the Sales and Service Manager, Wendy Giannisis. “Our famous cranberry seasonal wine, so probably within about 2 weeks. It was fast, gone and deliciously enjoyed.”

Overall, it has been a successful year for the local business. “We have really had to grow our business quite a bit,” says the Owner and Operator, Doug Bell. “When we first started, we thought we would be a very small winery that would just service Prince George. We realized very early on that we are now being seen as the North’s winery, not just Prince George. All the way north, all the way west and even south of us people are demanding our product.”

The winery has had to expand it’s production and distribution to meet the demand in the Okanagan and Vancouver Island. Bell says it will soon branch out into the lower mainland.

“There’s 35 fruit wineries in BC, we have grown to be the 3rd largest already in just a very short period of time. We see ourselves as becoming larger and maybe even reaching the top 10% of wineries in general in BC in the next 4 years.”

Bell says there is also opportunity to expand into other provinces, and eventually internationally. He is anticipating another fruitful year.

“In 2017, big plans to continue to expand our orchards here in Prince George. We are going to bring on more people. We are going to produce more wine. As we do that, we are going to be able to service more areas.”

There may be even more employment opportunities next year. Right now, the winery is working with the city to bring in food service in 2017.


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