AWAC Looking For Holiday Help

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AWAC Looking For Holiday Help

Christmas can be a sad time for many…but the Association Advocating for Women and Children is hoping to brighten lives this holiday season with “Christmas Gift Bags for the Homeless”.

With help from the community, AWAC is putting together gift bags for women at the shelter, and gift baskets for those housed through the housing first program.

“We have made up a list of 24 items that we would like to see put into the gift bags, so everyone will receive an equal gift,” says the Outreach Worker, Juliet Orcutt. “Then we also have another program for housing first clients, and these are people that we have housed and we are asking for a gift basket for those people with more cleaning items.”

The shelter is hoping for at least 100 gift bags this year. Each bag includes:

  • socks, a toque, mittens, a scarf
  • shampoo, conditioner, bar soap
  • toothbrush, toothpaste
  • toiletry bag, cough drops
  • hair brush, comb
  • deodorant, lip balm, lotion, razors, tweezers, nail clippers
  • chocolate, soft candy, potato chips
  • city bus ticket
  • $5 gift card (Tim Hortons, McDonalds ect.)
  • reusable bag or backpack

The shelter is also hoping for 20 household baskets. It is looking for cleaning supplies, towels, toilet paper and household items for those.

Any or all of these items can be dropped off at 144 George Street, Monday through Fridays until the 23rd.

“For the people who access our shelter, they are generally all homeless. So getting these items can be difficult sometimes. For our people that do have a place to live, this could maybe just free up a bit of extra cash for them so they can maybe spend it on more wanted items or gifts for their children.”


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