Highest Rate Of Repeat C-Sections In Canada

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Highest Rate Of Repeat C-Sections In Canada

A recent study done by UBC found that BC has the highest rate of repeat C-sections in all of Canada.

C-sections expose mothers and newborns to more risk. “There is an increased risk of a placenta previa, which can lead to increased bleeding,” says the Executive Lead of the  Northern Health Perinatal Program, Jane Ritchey. “The more C-sections you have, the more that risk increases.”

One of the goals of the Northern Health Perinatal Program is to increase the vaginal delivery rate in our region. It was successful in increasing the rate by 2% by 2015.

Ritchey says that rural women tend to delivery vaginally. She adds our region has maintained a rate of about 72% vaginal births.

“Meanwhile, the province has slowly been decreasing over that time, it’s now around 67% …so if you look at it over a 5 year period as apposed to a one year period, we are not increasing the rate a lot, but we are not going down either.”


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