Willowcale Project Delayed

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Willowcale Project Delayed

A replacement of the Willowcale Road at Haggith Creek was set to be complete this month, but that delay has been pushed as far ahead as March as the contractor is unable to obtain the girders needed to make the bridge.
Those doing business with the likes of Carrier Lumber, such as JV Logging, say the additional delay will have “huge” impacts on their operations. Owner Jim Vaughn says he has 33 trucks moving logs to Carrier Lumber every day and the detour is adding 20 minutes to the trip each way.
The President of Carrier Lumber, Bill Kordyban has issued the following statement:
“The delayed progress on the Haggith Creek bridge project is definitely impacting Carrier Lumber Ltd and Carrier Forest Products Ltd. More so than just an inconvenient detour for logging trucks and employees, the delay will cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time the bridge is in place. These costs are incurred through increased safety personnel at the mill, longer hauling times for our logging contractors and residual byproducts haulers, and other interrupted services such as loss of all mail service to the Tabor Mill and Carrier Forest Products Ltd.’s Fabrication Shop. We’re working with the City and the contractor in any way we can, and as always, we are being patient in light of recent changes to scheduling.”


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