Truck Spotted On Fraser River

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Truck Spotted On Fraser River

It’s certainly something you don’t see every day. Prince George Fire officials were kept busy Sunday morning when an abandoned truck was found on the ice in the middle of the Fraser River, near Ferry Avenue and the Hospice House.

Assistant Chief with the Prince George Fire Rescue, Greg Wilkins says crews arrived around 8 a.m. “The RCMP attended and we’ve come by to assist them, making sure there was nobody in the vehicle,” he said. “We’ve been using our ice water professionals, ice rescue professionals, because the ice is unstable, we’ve been using high angle rescue equipment because we’re working over a steep bank.”

Owner of the 2003 Ford F-350, Tanya Shannon of Mackenzie says her truck was stolen while she was Christmas shopping Saturday night. “We went to the Pine Centre mall last night at approximately 6:15 and when I came out at 20 minutes to 9, my truck was gone,” she said. “I mistakenly thought I parked it somewhere and came out a wrong exit, but we discovered it was gone.”

Shannon then posted on Facebook, asking members of the public if they were able to find her car. “People started sending me links saying there was a truck sitting in the middle of the Simon Fraser and sure enough it was mine.”

However, it wasn’t just Shannon’s truck that was stolen. “We lost about a thousand dollars worth of gifts in there last night, and it’s been a long night and a very cold day with all these amazing people trying to recover my truck, they’ve done an exceptional job,” she said.

For now, fire officials have called in a towing company, using cables and long ropes from Fire rescue trucks to pull the truck back to the top of the embankment.

Wilkins says the public should use caution around the river, especially in cold temperatures. “The ice may look thick and solid but there are places throughout the whole river system here that have very weak spots for ice.”


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