City Supports Community Associations

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City Supports Community Associations

Community Associations (CAs) have been offering recreational programing and events in Prince George for the past 40 years. What started off as 23 CAs linked to schools has become 7 CAs linked to broad neighbourhood areas. The current CAs represent Beaverly, Blackburn, College Heights, Crescents, the Hart, the South Bowl and the West Bowl.

Council unanimously approved the “Community Association Strategy” and the following recommendations within it:

  • The City of Prince George will offer supports to the CAs as they deliver their programs and events (additional supports may include volunteer recruitment strategies, resource banks and planning assistance)
  • Develop partnership agreements between the City and CAs
  • Formally recognize that the CAs are the face of the community
  • Examine how to best meet the needs of areas of Prince George that are not currently represented by a CA

The City will also discuss $20,000 in base budget funding for CAs during the budget meetings in January and February.

A public survey found that nearly one third of families in the area participated in a CA program this year. 68% of the people surveyed say that CAs are ‘very important’ in making the community a better place to live.


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