Northern Health Has A Wish List

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Northern Health Has A Wish List

Northern Health has pulled together a wish list, of sorts, after a year-long review of services and facilities at University Hospital of Northern BC. It has identified four areas that are priorities for attention. They are the operating suites, cardiac care, rehabilitation and services around mental health and additions.
“That work looks at the services that we’re providing in the context of what we’re aiming to provide and what are some of the challenges in how they’re currently being provided, and develop a master program,” says the Chief Operating Officer for Northern Health, Penny Anguish.
However, addressing those challenges is not going to be cheap.
“Based on that master plan, what we need to do is, with our capital services department, how could we stage this out because it is very expensive,” says Anguish. “How we stage it so it would be something more affordable, but then needs to address those priority issues first and foremost?”
Once that stage is complete, Northern Health can make a case to the Province. It’s something local MLA Shirley Bond is familiar with.
“Any time you’re looking at a major investment in a hospital of this size, you’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars,” says Bond. “But in the end of the day, this is a critical piece of infrastructure. it is something that we need to continue, to build that business case. My job is to make sure that Victoria is well aware of those circumstances.”


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