Changes Made After Children Spotted Playing On Ice

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Changes Made After Children Spotted Playing On Ice

Conditions and water levels along the Nechako River remain stable, but that doesn’t mean the area is safe. Cottonwood Island Park and the Heritage River Trail are now completely closed to the public after children were sighted playing on the ice on Christmas Eve.

A Public Works Foreman sighted 2 children playing on the ice at the confluence of the Fraser and Nechako Rivers. A parent was present, and the Foreman advised everyone to get off of the ice immediately.

“They were fairly close,” says the Fire Chief, John Iverson, “They were able to throw ice debris into the water and of course he was quite concerned and took action right away and took them away from there.”

Iverson is warning others to practice extreme caution, and to respect the barriers. “It’s so unpredictable, there is no way of knowing how thick the ice is and you could easily slip and fall into the open water. Chances of surviving that are pretty minimal.”

The start of the ice jam is now just west of city limits. It remains at a level one emergency status, and crews continue to monitor it around the clock.


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