Gym-Goers Set To Make New Year’s Resolutions

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Gym-Goers Set To Make New Year's Resolutions

The bikes are spinning and the treadmills are rolling just a couple days before New Year’s.

It’s the calm before the storm at the gym, but come January 1st, the Northern Sport Centre is expected to be filled with newcomers and those looking to get in shape.

Facility Assistant, Chantelle Jimenez says the rush is on in the New Year. “I would say we see double the amount of people in January,” she said. “I find that a lot of our members are worried about their health, especially our older population, we have a lot of people just starting to get into shape.”

Jimenez said the gym usually stays pretty steady for a few months, although she has some tips to help you stay committed to a routine for much longer than that. “Because of our indoor walking track, it’s so simple to get into a habit, making new friends and starting your New Year’s Resolution.”

Jimenez added there’s also a number of options to train with others. “We have group fitness classes to start you on your journey to fitness, we have a new trainer on the track to help you with the equipment, but otherwise just start simple, don’t start at the finish line.”


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