Diving Into 2017!

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Diving Into 2017!

More than 60 brave souls took to Ness Lake Sunday afternoon to jump into freezing cold water for the 16th Annual Polar Bear Dip.

Program Director at Ness Lake Bible Camp, Dave Horton says about $8,500 was raised for the camper sponsorship funds to help send deserving kids to camp. “We think camp is so important for a kid to experience being away from their normal, being away from home and school, along with the independence it gives,”  he said. “We want kids to get out into nature and play and to experience things like canoeing, kayacking, and building model rockets.”

This year’s top fundraiser was 17 year old, Nikita McCrea who raised more than $2,500. She says sending kids to camp is something very close to her heart. “It’s really important to me becuase I actually have three younger sisters and looking at them, we’ve always had fun at camp, ever since we were really little kids,” she said. “It’s really nice to imagine that other kids can do that as well, because there are other little siblings that don’t necessarily get that opportunity.”

As for the water, it settled at a frigid 3.5 degrees Celsius, making for an incredible shock. “There’s no joking around, I’ve done the dip for 16 years and it’s cold,” Horton said. “Going in is a shock and the polar bear dip here is a rush, it’s 16-18 inches of hard clear ice, it is unbelievable, and an experience you can’t do anywhere else in the world.”

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