UNBC Could Benefit From $50 Million In Teacher Funding

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
UNBC Could Benefit From $50 Million In Teacher Funding

UNBC could be an indirect beneficiary of $50 million in funding from the Ministry of Education. The money will be used to hire as many as 1,100 teachers, including special education teachers. UNBC’s School of Education trains for both and the Chair of that school says, if the demand is high enough, there is room for expansion.

Our Master’s in Counselling is very healthy and we’re looking to become four or five accredited programs in Canada and that’s where I also see teachers saying ‘Rather than stay in teaching, I’m going to get a Master’s Degree in Counselling.’ We might see some Teacher Librarian certificates and those types of things,” say Andrew Kitchenham, Chair of UNBC’s School of Education.

He adds UNBC already has a Masters in Special Ed.

“We also have a very successful Master’s in Special Education, and that’s the other area where there are teachers that really want to go into Special Ed. Because our degree is on lone and synchronous, we have people from all over the Canada, but most of them are from BC and from here, so that we are beginning to train more Special Ed teachers.

There are meetings, both locally and provincially, through next week to hammer out the finer details of how the reversion back to 2002 class size and composition will look.


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