Economic Plan In The Works

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Economic Plan In The Works

Private sector construction has reached what the City’s Economic Development Manager, Melissa Barcellos calls “an all-time high” in Prince George history.  according to the value of building permits issued in 2016. The investment of $122.5 million was announced at City Council prior to a presentation from the City’s Economic Development Strategy.
“According to our digital records at City Hall, which go back to 1990, 2016 was a record year in a very positive way for Prince George’s economy,” says Barcellos. “The fact that private sector dollars are driving the development of Prince George reflects the confidence that business owners and investors have in the current economy and their expectations for the future.”
The Lion’s Share of the private investment went into residential properties ($72,553,262), followed by commercial development ($46,353,836). However, there was also investment in industrial properties and institutional properties.
“At each meeting over the past year, Council has looked at the building permit numbers and remarked at how well the city has been performing. We are pleased to share these numbers with the public and the business community,” says Mayor Lyn Hall. “As many developers have stated recently, ‘Prince George is open for business.’”
The Economic Strategy was also laid out for Council, which sets out four Mission areas to improve business and employee recruitment and retention and to market the City. Council heard of the successes of the Move Up Prince George website, that helps highlight the benefits of living in this city.
The City has identified three areas of industry it plans to actively pursue moving forward. They are forest innovation, engineered work products and green data centres.


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