Over Two Dozen New Teachers Expected In Fall

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Over Two Dozen New Teachers Expected In Fall

More than two dozen new teachers are expected in School District 57 by fall. The $1.26 million in provincial funding for the District equates to roughly 28 full-time teaching positions for half a year.

It is the first step in the restoration of the collective agreement that was ruled on by the Supreme Court of Canada. Teachers once again can negotiate classroom size and composition, which means more staff needs to be brought in.

Meetings began this week between the Prince George District Teachers’ Association and School District 57. The first one was felt to be quite positive.

The President of the Teachers’ Association, Richard Giroday, says they can not replace everything at this time, but they are focusing efforts on positions that are needed most in the District.

“There is enough time to post. Whether or not you will get all of those teachers, that’s another question. That’s a discussion that is taking place at the table right now. Incentives to bring people to BC, to bring people back into the public education system.”


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