Arts Council Seeks Additional Funding From City

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Arts Council Seeks Additional Funding From City

The Community Arts Council hopes civic officials at City Hall are feeling generous when they head into budget discussions later this month. The Arts Council is asking Council to commit to a five-year funding plan, but that’s not all.
We also requested Cost of Living increases for those five years,” explains Sean Farrell, the Executive Director the Arts Council. “This would probably be more cpost effective and certainly much easier for us to plan in advance by having those five-year agreements.”
That means, if approved, this year’s funding $52,000, increasing incrementally to $57,000 in 2021. At first blush, there was buy-in from Councillors.
“I think any municipality, any city or town cherishes their arts and culture,” says City Councillor Terri McConnachie. “They recognize what [the arts] do, how they make our communities more vibrant.”
She says the fact the Arts Council has to come to the City seeking more and more each year is a direct result of the Province handing fewer dollars from gaming.


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