BC Tech Sector Sets New Records

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
BC Tech Sector Sets New Records

According to the latest BC Stats’, jobs and wages in the technology sector are at an all-time high. A record 101, 700 people are employed in the industry, earning about 75% higher than average wage.

According to the CEO of sparkgeo.com, Northern BC is no exception. Innovation Central ran a startup event at Tech Week in September. Will Cadell says out of that event, two tech businesses emerged and are still running today.

He says the opportunity for people to start tech companies in more remote areas of the province is growing.

“You can have a 10 minute commute, yet you can still be building cutting-edge technology in this environment. I think that’s the key piece to remember. It’s not that ‘if I want to write code, I go to San Fransisco or Vancouver’. It’s ‘I want to write code and I want to go biking in the evening’ and that’s a real reality now. Maybe 15 years ago that wasn’t a thing, but now that’s definitely a possible thing.”



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