Rocky Mountain Rangers Set For Training Exercise

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Rocky Mountain Rangers Set For Training Exercise

If you see members of the armed forces running around Prince George in full uniform this weekend, there’s no need to be alarmed.

About 20 members of the local Rocky Mountain Rangers are taking part in a training exercise. Captain Michael Oviatt says newcomers and veterans of the squad will be out in full force when they set off at 9 p.m. Friday from their reserve infantry unit at 687 Dornbierer Crescent. “The guys are going to deploy from here out to a property off Highway 16 East,” he said. “They’re going to conduct a reconnaissance task against a hard structure, there’s an abandoned building, they’ll find some opposing force and then in the morning come back in for a full on infantry attack.”

Rocky Mountain Rangers from the ages of 17 to 45 are set to complete the training exercise. The bi-annual event is a validation of infantry skills to ensure soldiers are up to the standards of the Canadian forces. Oviatt says soldiers will be using specialized training weapons and the sound of gunfire is expected to be heard late Saturday  morning. “An essential part of our training is simulating the actual firing of the weapons, so how we do that is we use blank rounds, there’s the sound and a little bit of the light from the blank rounds, but there’s no actual projectiles.”


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