Pool Options Generate Discussion

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Pool Options Generate Discussion

While a decision will not be made until next week, the potential rebuild of the Four Seasons Pool generated a lot of talk around Council Chambers.
The recent review of swimming pools in the City included the following recommended aquatic options:
*Option 1: Replacement of Four Seasons Leisure Pool (Estimated cost of #33 million)
*Option 2: Replacement of Four Seasons Leisure Pool and repair and additions to
Aquatic Centre (Estimated cost: $63 million)
*Option 3: Leave Four Seasons Leisure Pool as-is and large expansion to Aquatic Centre (Estimated cost $37 million)
Administration has identified the rebuild out of three possible options. But that will carry a bill of $35 million when deomlition of the existing structure which, if approved, would fall to debt-servicing.
The discussion around the project will be hashed out at the February 1st capital budget discussions.


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