“Now is the Best Time to be an Entrepreneur”

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
"Now is the Best Time to be an Entrepreneur"

Now is the best time to be an Entrepreneur. That’s according to Dr. Sean Wise, the host of The Naked Entrepreneur, an Associate Professor of Business Management at Ryerson University and a former Advisor for Dragons’ Den.

He is in Prince George encouraging people to dream big, and sharing practices to decrease the risk of startup failure.

“There’s a number of reasons behind this,” says Dr. Wise. “The primary ones are access and affordability. When I started investing in start-ups in 1997, it used to cost $2-$5 million to take your product to market. That same product, that same market would cost less that $50,000 today.”

He says there’s more people online, more people buying and more infrastructure out there. “I think in the recent days people have become more creative with their ideas. Because you don’t have to know so much technology to open an online store, you can finally open the online store that you want. If you love garden gnomes then there’s a market for gnomes on a global basis. You can still be in Prince George and sell globally.”

The Prince George Chamber of Commerce is seeing more start-ups. “We have right around 750 businesses as part of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce right now,” says the CEO, Christie Ray. “We are seeing more and more Entrepreneurs, young professionals, start-ups, joining with the Chamber.”

According to Dr. Wise, getting a job for life now a days isn’t as likely unless you create it yourself. “I think the key message tonight is about barriers to entry. The fact is they don’t exist anymore. We are seeing Mom-trepreneurs, and Senior-preneurs and college kids all become great start up Entrepreneurs.”


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