Changes Coming To Animal Control Bylaw

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG-TV
Changes Coming To Animal Control Bylaw

The City will be revamping its Animal Control Bylaw for the first time in a dozen years. The head of Bylaw Services Fred Crittenden told Council many parts of the current bylaw are irrelevant today and a new bylaw is long overdue.
Some of questions came up around the breed-specific muzzling requirement for restricted dogs, but organizations like the BC SPCA and the Canadian Kennel Club don’t support breed-specific muzzling.
“Well we promote the welfare and the humane education of animals. Just putting a muzzle on a specific breed doesn’t really help or educate the public,” says Jamie Walsh with the North Cariboo SPCA. “Aggressive animals can come in many different sizes, from a small breed to a very large breed.”
The bylaw is also challenging when it comes to having a dog declared dangerous, sometime even months. Over that time, the dog has to be kept in the pound at a cost to the city.
Finally, some Bylaw Services will look to add cats to the bylaw, saying wandering cats can be considered a nuisance in some neighbourhoods.


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