‘Drowning Girls’ Preview at Theatre Northwest Tonight

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'Drowning Girls' Preview at Theatre Northwest Tonight

It’s a murder mystery with a message. The Drowning Girls preview is being held tonight at Theatre Northwest. The play is based on a true story of a man, George Joseph Smith, who marries three women, and then murders each of them in a bathtub for their inheritance.

“In their death, they come forward into the play and tell us what happened to them and also it’s almost a bit of a court case, so they are trying to obtain justice from us,” says the Director of the Drowning Girls, Kate Newby.

The three ghostly brides collect evidence against their husband in a humourous and fateful tale that brings to light the objectification of women. “Women struggle to have a voice,” says Newby. “Women’s journey through life and how they are misused, treated.”

It’s not a story about victimization, though. “It’s such a comment on the role of women in today’s society,” says Sarah Roa, who plays ‘Alice’. “So I really want them to see that we are not only victims. That we are fighters.”

The three characters are meant to be relatable; something the cast worked hard on. “We have all had that point in our lives, well maybe not– I have had a point in my life– where you feel like maybe I am not lovable,” says Heather Morrison, who plays ‘Margaret’. “That’s sort of a terrible question that might sit inside you and I feel like that is my character.”

Friday is the opening night of a 90 minute performance. “It’s very different than what normally happens here, but it’s full of joy and fun,” says Newby. “Even though it’s about murdered women, it’s an extraordinarily beautiful piece.”


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