UNBC Plans A Bold New Move

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UNBC Plans A Bold New Move

UNBC is about to embark on an ambitious new role. It has joined with a company in China and, hopefully in September 2018, they will introduce high school students to the UNBC campus.
“The pilot project will be, essentially a high school. Grades Nine to 12,” explains the Interim Vice President Academic, Dan Ryan. “It will run for about three or four years. The idea is to enroll 50 to 100 students to, hopefully, grow up to 200 students.”
The students are currently learning the Canadian curriculum in English, but coming to UNBC to do that would involve the ultimate immersion. The students would be billeted in the community and, in the end, the hope is those students would continue their post-secondary education in a place they are familiar with. UNBC. And there is huge potential to expand that relationship, though well into the future.
“The long-term vision is to potentially develop a school that has a K – 12 curriculum,” says Ryan. “If it gets to that possibility, the company that we’re working with would actually invest in facilities on the UNBC campus. So they would develop their own classroom space, their own library, their own residence space. That would be the penultimate goal and that school could potentially enroll up to 800 to a thousand students.”
The deal has yet to be finalized and the earliest it could happen in 2018.


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