Tax Requisition Increases

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Tax Requisition Increases

The original tax requisition to run the City has increased after Council approved six requests for additional funds.
Originally, the levy would have to go up by 2.72% to achieve revenues of $96.1 million. That’s the minimum amount the City needs to raise through taxation to keep running, covering increased costs of things like labour and utilities.
The six requests in question are: two additional RCMP officers at a cost of $113, 273. That represents an additional 0.12% on the tax requisition, four FTE’s for Aquatics, at a cost of $247,478 and a rate hike of 0.26%.
Two requests from Social Planning did not add to the tax requisition. The addition of a enhanced weed control program is $81,051, with a tax implication of 0.08%. Finally, the Student Mentoring Program comes in at a cost of $6,000 and a tax implication of 0.01%.
All in, the tax requisition has landed at 3.18%.
However, that doesn’t automatically translate to a 3.18% increase to residential taxes. The different classifications for taxes can change the outcome.


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