Two Marijuana Dispensaries Shut Down By City And RCMP

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Two Marijuana Dispensaries Shut Down By City And RCMP

In the past couple weeks, two marijuana dispensaries opened in Prince George. Both have since been shut down by the City and the RCMP.

“On Friday, February 3rd, as well as Monday, February 6th, RCMP and the City of Prince George attended two storefront locations here in Prince George that were allegedly selling marijuana at these locations; and basically a business to do that,” says Corporal Craig Douglass with the Prince George RCMP. “We attended and found that they did not have a business license or permits to sell marijuana so the businesses were shut down. We don’t anticipate there will be charges, however there was a quantity of marijuana that was seized.”

Canna Clinic was the first dispensary to open up shop, and did not do so quietly. A Facebook announcement and video generated a lot of attention. Canna Clinic did not apply for a business license.

The second, Weemedical Wellness Centre, did apply for a business license on Monday. However, it submitted the application without a payment.

“You cannot operate a business in the City of Prince George without a business license,” says the Senior Communications Officer for the City of Prince George, Michael Kellett. “Those are only granted at City Hall. So if you are operating without a business license, that’s what our Bylaw Enforcement Officers are for.”

The Federal Ministry of Justice says new legislation on the legalization and regulation of marijuana will be brought to parliament in the spring. However, the possession, production and trafficking of marijuana remains illegal. The ministry adds today’s dispensaries are illegally supplied, unregulated and untested.

“My understanding is that this was the first time that we have had these types of businesses try to set up shop in Prince George,” says Douglass. “These types of businesses are not legal, and therefore they will generate interest from the police if they try to set up in our community.”


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