Green Day A Hit At UNBC

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Green Day A Hit At UNBC

Students and faculty at UNBC celebrated Green Day. It’s an event that unique to UNBC. There was everything from plant giveaways to displays on edible insects. Now in its 10th year, the event was started when the Green University Planning Committee endorsed Professors Dr. Ken Wilkening and Dr. Art Fredeen in their plans to have the new Environmental Studies 325 class organize and celebrate UNBC’s recent commitment to sustainability.
“There are many universities that try to do this. Some are successful as well,” says Dr. Daniel Weeks, UNBC’s President. “But there’s something about the chemistry and the DNA of a small university that has a very intimate relationship with its community. A very tight-knit community, the students and facility work closely together. It seems to be the better incubator for these kinds of things.”
Since 2012, funds have been made available for energy-related projects through a revolving loan system.
“The revolving loan is essentially a $250,000 line of credit,” says Amanda Drew, UNBC’s Energy Technician. “So we invest in energy-efficiency projects. That money is used to fund these projects and then the savings from the projects go to replay the initial loan.”
For example, the fund was used to replace street lighting on campus and that project has saved the university $20,000 per year.


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