Complaints Commission Reaches Out To First Nations In The North

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Complaints Commission Reaches Out To First Nations In The North

The independent agency that released a report highlighting issues with Northern BC RCMP is touring our region. Over the course of the week, the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) will meet with about 10 First Nations.

“A lot of the time those are the people lodging the complaints so we want to speak directly to them,” says the CRCC Senior Investigator of BC Operations, Michelle Cameron.

The goal is to spread awareness about what the commission does, and make sure communities are happy with the changes made in RCMP practices.

“We want to follow up with the findings and recommendations that the RCMP generally agreed with and have said they have implemented,” says the CRCC Manager of BC Operations, Jason Galloway. “We just want to follow up with communities to make sure they are satisfied and things are going well.”

The tour will also give people the chance to learn about the new CRCC Regional office in Vancouver.

“Our main office is based in Ottawa,” says Galloway. “So what it means for the public is they have local personnel and local phone numbers to call, so you are not having to contend with a 3-hour time change and you have people that understand the needs of the province of BC.”

If people have complaints about RCMP conduct, they are encouraged to visit the CRCC website.

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