Largest Conference in Wood Construction Coming to UNBC

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Largest Conference in Wood Construction Coming to UNBC

The largest conference in wood design and construction is coming to North America for the first time, and UNBC is co-hosting the event at UBC this week. The Holzbau Forum was started in Germany about 20 years ago. Now, countries across the world hold the forum annually.

“It’s a conference for experts in wood construction in the entire field so it is very much oriented to the technical, nitty-gritty, discussing how to find solutions,” says the Chair of UNBC’s Master of Engineering in Integrated Wood Design program, Dr. Guido Wimmers.

Dr. Wimmers will be presenting at this weeks forum, which runs from Thursday to Friday. He will be looking at what works and what doesn’t at the event, as next year it will be held at UNBC. Dr. Wimmers is excited for what it will bring to wood construction in our region. “There’s room for improvement and it’s why we started our program here. Right now we are in a pretty good position, I wouldn’t say we are the leading edge here yet but we are catching up and soon hopefully we are going to be the leaders.”

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