Entrepreneurs Share Stories of Failure

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Entrepreneurs Share Stories of Failure

He is the definition of a successful businessman. From helping launch an industrial app, to starting a financial planning company, to owning several buildings downtown, John Kason has many accomplishments to celebrate.

Today, he is sharing a different side of his story though. “Failing miserably. Seeing your baby die –as it were–or get crushed, or stomped on, or just really nobody thinking it’s a really good idea and having to move on.”

Kason will be joined by Norm Coyne of UNLTD Media & Events and Caroline Longhurst, Owner of Ohh Chocolat, at Prince George’s second ‘Eff-Up Friday’ event. The three will be sharing their business mistakes with entrepreneurs.

“I have got a lot of funny mistakes I have made along the way,” says Coyne. “The person I am today is sort of a product of making those mistakes. It’s like a punch. You take a punch, you get up, and you get a little stronger.”

The Executive Director of Innovation Central Society, Matt Hutcheon, says the goal of the event is to break down the stigma around what is perceived as failure. “Entrepreneurship is going to have hard times, especially when you’re a solo-preneur working on your own. It’s hard to recognize that and a lot of the times if you are working on your own you think you are the only one going through that and you’re the only one screwing stuff up, and it’s really easy to get down on yourself and make the struggle harder than it has to be.”

“We celebrate success, we read about success, but it gets a little tiresome because we all fail miserably,” says Kason. “So ‘Eff-Up Friday’ is about learning from our mistakes, sharing them and then being congratulated that you survived them.”

‘Eff-Up Friday’ is being held at the Hubspace at 6 p.m. Tickets are still available online or at the door.

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