School Board Meeting Looks at Aboriginal Education

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School Board Meeting Looks at Aboriginal Education

Several items are on the agenda for tonight’s Board of Education Regular Public Meeting.

A report coming out of Management Finance will look at a recommendation for trustee remuneration. It includes a 1.5%  raise for trustees.

The Mayor of Mackenzie will make a presentation on regional representation. Pat Crook would like to see changes to how trustees are elected in School District 57. He would like to see trustees represented by region.

Another recommendation looks at rescinding a policy for Aboriginal Education. After the Aboriginal Education Board was dissolved in 2014, an Aboriginal Education Committee was formed in 2016. A new policy will be brought forward to better suit the new Committee at a future board meeting.

The Ministry of Education provides communities with money so that aboriginal students receive the language and culture supports needed in schools. “Our Aboriginal department does a fantastic job doing that. I think that is seen when you look at graduation rates in the District,” says the Chair of School District 57 Board of Education, Tim Bennett. “In the 5 years I have been a Trustee, we have moved from a 30% Aboriginal graduation rate upwards of 62% last year. So we have seen significant improvement there. We are still not there yet. There is still a large number of Aboriginal students that need the support. So the role of the Committee will be to advise the department and Board of Education on how we can better support Aboriginal students in the District.”

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