Municipalities Have Say In Pot Dispensaries

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Municipalities Have Say In Pot Dispensaries

There is no shortage of confusion around the rules when it comes to medical marijuana, marijuana grow operations and medical marijuana dispensaries. In June 2013, the Government of Canada legislation the use of medical marijuana, but it does not allow access to medical marijuana through dispensaries. Adding to the confusion, a recent BC Supreme Court decision set out that municipalities have the authority to control whether dispensaries are allowed.
“So, today, as we stand here, it’s illegal And so the RCMP here in Prince George have shut down two operations and we’ll see what the federal government does,” says Mayor Lyn Hall. “But, specifically, for us as a municipality, to have control over that is very important.”
But the rules are changing so often, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to keep track.
“I find that it’s now on three levels” says Ginny Brunett, Owner of Zaga’s Hemp Shop. “The municipality, Provincial and the federal government and everybody is making their own little rules no matter where they live.”
Both the City of Prince George and the Regional District of Fraser Fort George have already put regulations in place to govern where grow ops can set up and Mayor Hall says the City will eventually have to cross the bridge of legalized marijuana as well.
“Yeah, absolutely and I think for us as a Council, I would see that happening sometime this year, after the federal government has made its decision on they’re going to proceed.”
A special task force that was struck to look at the best possible practices for legalizing marijuana reported back to government last December.


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