School Board Trustees Are Getting A Pay Raise

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School Board Trustees Are Getting A Pay Raise

School District 57 trustees are getting a pay raise. A $270 raise was approved at last night’s School Board meeting, effective July 1st.

It equates to a 1.5% increase in salary for the Chair, a 1.6% increase for the vice chair and a 1.8% increase for the 5 other trustees. Soon, the Chairperson will make $18,270 annually.

Each year, remuneration is reviewed by Management and Finance. It is the first time this board has approved an increase. The previous board did not accept an increase in its three years of service.

Board Chair, Tim Bennett says with the upcoming school board election, they want to make sure pay is not a deterrent for those wanting to run in 2018. “The Board and my fellow trustees put in a lot of work each week preparing for meetings, attending meetings, meetings with the community…But more importantly, next year we do have an election coming up. We want people to run for trustee and for City Council, and while you would never do this job for the money, it does impact your day-to-day job and you need to make sure you are supporting your family and everything at home as well.”

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