Mumps Are At Low Risk

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Mumps Are At Low Risk

Northern Health says mumps are not an issue in the region at this time.  The virus has gained a lot of attention recently after some members of the Vancouver Canucks came down with confirmed cases.  The virus can spread easily among those involved with contact sports because its an airborne virus. The threat alone, has put some local teams, on the defense. The Prince George Cougars are taking steps to reduce the chances of the virus impacting the team. The Cougars even went as far as canceling a fan autograph session to reduce the risk of exposure. The moves are part of a league wide protocol issue from the WHL headquarters.  Meantime Northern Health officials say mumps continue to be rare in our region.  No cases have been reported recently. Northern Health advocates immunization as a key measure to protect yourself from the mumps and practicing good hand hygiene.

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