Nothing Will Change With North College Park

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Nothing Will Change With North College Park

Members of the North College Park Support Group sat in stunned silence after learning Council had no plans to take action with respect to that particular green space. The group has been gathering signatures on a petition and went before Council in hopes of having the park declared a “Designated Park” under Section 30 of the Community Charter. The group was told again that there are no plans to develop the park.
“North College Park will not change,” explained Ian Wells, the General Manager of Development Services. “We will not be moving on any disposition of the park.”
This is not the first time the neighbourhood has heard that message, but the neighbours were concerned about “the persistence of the developer.”
But, there was a general sense around Council against a move under Section 30, adding that park is slated for playground equipment replacement this year as part of the City’s new Parks Strategy.
“Section 30 should not be a reactionary club to what has happened,” said Councillor Jillian Merrick. “I don’t think this is the way.”
She apologized for disturbance that has been done by the developer to date. The City has acknowledged the damage done in the park to date was the result of “miscommunication.”
There was also some concerns around setting a precedent with future parks, with Councillor Murry Krause suggested that falling into that habit would stymie further development.


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