Addiction Recovery Needs ID’d In Report

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Addiction Recovery Needs ID'd In Report

A report looking into rural care services and delivery has pinpointed addictions as a growing concern.
“The current opioid crisis in Canada, and the rise of fentanyl use in British Columbia, continues to serve as a reminder of the potentially deadly consequences of addiction, and highlights the urgent need for responsive and coordinated action from all levels of government,” cites the authors of the report, put together by the provincial Select Committee on Health. There are a total of 25 recommendations around addictions, but for the President of the Union of BC Municipalities, Murry Krause, none can be tackled adequately without a plan.
“It’s been talked about for quite some time; the need for a comprehensive strategy for the province,” he says. “That’s the best place to start, especially for mpore rural and remote communities. They need assistance.”
The report also highlights the lack of addiction recovery beds in rural B.c. and suggest the Province “significantly increase the number of detoxification, post-detoxification, treatment and recovery program beds to meet current needs, and allow clients to remain in these programs as required by their individualized recovery plans.”
He says that is another area that rural communities have felt acutely over the years and he adds, those need to be longer term treatment centres; the 21-day and 28-day programs don’t always adequately address all forms of addiction.
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