Teachers in District 57 Vote on Tentative Deal

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Teachers in District 57 Vote on Tentative Deal

About 850 teachers in the District are casting their votes today and tomorrow on the tentative deal between the BC Teachers’ Federation and the province to restore classroom size and composition.

Teachers met last night to go over the 12 page document. The details won’t be released while the deal is still in committee. However, the President of the Prince George District Teachers’ Association, Richard Giroday, believes it will be a resounding ‘yes’ vote. “The really key things are is that it returns all our contract language, so class sizes are all restored to what they should have been for the last 15 years. We have classroom composition which has all been restored. We have non-enrolling teachers ratios which is now all restored. We have a resolution committee that is at the provincial level…we think it’s a very fair deal.”

Votes will be counted at 5 p.m. tomorrow night. Local results will not be released.

The Chairperson of the District 57 Parent Advisory Council, Gillian Burnett, is hoping once an agreement is reached, some questions will be answered. “We need to know things like are we going to receive funding? What’s that implementation going to look like? What sort of effects is the implementation going to have on capacity? Because of course when you make classrooms smaller, you make schools smaller.”

The District will paint a clearer picture at the regular board meeting on April 4th. “We do anticipate that by that time, final decisions around approving the tentative mutual agreement will be in place and we will be able to come public with plans regarding how the district is going to respond to the changing landscape.”

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