Cheslatta First Nations Hope To Operate A Recovery Centre

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Cheslatta First Nations Hope To Operate A Recovery Centre

The Cheslatta First Nation out of Burns Lake has come into a unique windfall. It has come to acquire a 3,000 square foot log cabin on several acres of land south of Cheslataa Lake and plan to convert it into a recovery centre. They Band only came into the property three months ago and the planning is in itds infancy.
“As a leader I’m looking for support from our other First nations in the area. We have six First Nations there,” explains Chief Corrina Leween. “But, as well as other neighbouring communities. Northern Health, the RCMP, our local doctors as well as the First Nations Health Authority and Carrier Sekani Family Services. I’m looking at all the agencies to try and give us an idea of what funding is available.”
She says the model the Band plans to use is also very preliminary, but a needs assessment has identified a glaring gap.
“We find that our young men in the communities are the ones falling through the cracks. We have services for families and women, but our young men … there’s a gap there for them. Also the youth. There’s no youth facility for at risk youth to assist them and help them.”
She says the idea of having the facility on such a large rural property is helpful; it’s important for people in the region to recover while on the traditional lands.


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